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Action for Clean Air

Global Action Plan's role is to fuel the Clean Air movement by mobilising and enabling people and organisations to act on air pollution and ensure their voice is heard

To breathe clean air every day we need to make rapid changes: adopting electric vehicles, avoiding millions of car journeys, slashing industrial and construction emissions and stopping buying products that cause pollution in our homes. To see change at this scale requires us to work as a movement, with changemakers across the country modelling that change, and exerting pressure on government and major polluters.

Air pollution causes heart and lung disease and results in over 36,000 people in the UK dying each year. Clean air is essential for our health, and the co-benefits of clean air measures are also good for our wellbeing as well as being good for the planet.

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Clean Air Day
Clean Air Day
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Clean Air Hub

The Clean Air Hub is the UK's go-to-public information source on air pollution, bringing together reliable, easy-to-understand facts and advice in one place. You can also access clean air tools to help you understand your impact and reduce your exposure.

Business resources

This hub contains resources and initiatives for people working in business, who want to learn how their company and wider industry contributes to air pollution, and the steps that can be taken to understand and address the issue.

Health resources

Resources for the health sector including the Clean Air Hospital Framework

Schools resources

Air pollution isn’t just a health issue, it may be affecting children’s ability to learn too. We therefore need to improve air quality in and around schools.

Clean Air Public Insight Tracker

Quarterly information on public awareness and attitudes to air quality and how the public are modifying their behaviour to protect themselves.


Take action for clean air and get involved in one of our campaigns or initiatives, such as our annual Clean Air Day and new sister campaign Clean Air Night.