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Creating a Clean Air Plan for your business

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Air pollution is an urgent triple threat which harms our health, quality of life and the environment. Many activities causing the climate emergency also create toxic air, reduce life expectancy and increase the incidence of lung, heart and circulatory conditions. The way pollution is caused also holds back our quality of life – unnecessary travel for work cuts family time, most children in the UK do not get the recommended weekly exercise, and congested cities bring noise, danger and stress. By cleaning up the air we breathe we can save lives, avert climate breakdown and improve our daily quality of life.


Each Business for Clean Air signatory agrees to set out a plan for how they will tackle air pollution. Each plan should reflect that organisation’s unique opportunity to cut pollution and improve the air we breathe. This guide exists to share the ways in which a business can improve air quality, from using its influence in the marketplace to shifting behaviours amongst its workforce. Companies can use this guide to learn, plan and deliver action on air pollution.