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Section 4: Next steps

Approve your plan


You may require additional approval to implement your designed plan. We have put together a simple business case to aid your proposals, covering the benefits that the business will realise. This content will be added to over time.



Share your progress and encourage others to act


This initiative is about encouraging action to be taken by the largest possible cohort of businesses. We encourage you to share your story – what’s working, where new solutions to overcome a source of pollution are needed, and what benefits are being realised by your business and its employees. How you do this is your choice. You may decide to share progress in your annual report, or in a blog, meme, or tiktok video!


As a Business for Clean Air signatory each year we will ask you to complete a 10-minute multiple choice survey so that we can see the scale of action amongst the business community, which sets a benchmark and shows that change is possible. We will share progress of the whole initiative through social media, trade press and traditional media.


Welcome to Business for Clean Air and the movement of progressive businesses committed to cleaning up the air we breathe. Share your announcement with your stakeholders and let us know how you are getting on!