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Clean Air Day resources for schools

Download the Clean Air Day 2022 social media pack

We've made it super easy for you to shout about Clean Air Day on your social media channels using our suggested text and graphics. 


Download the CAD 2022 social media pack

Assembly pack


Resources for teachers, parents and volunteers to run digital or in-person assemblies on clean air. 


Letter to school leaders


Use this letter template to send to your school leaders on what they can do for cleaner air at your school. 


KS1 resources


Clean Air Day resources for Key Stage 1 students.


KS2 resources


Clean Air Day resources for Key Stage 2 students.


KS3 resources


Clean Air Day resources for Key Stage 3 students.


Share your views worksheet

Display these posters around your school or send them to your local MP or councillor to share your students' views about air pollution. 


Pledge cards


What will you pledge to do on Clean Air Day? Write it down and share it at your event or on social media.


Air pollution leaflet


The Clean Air Day leaflet helps you to share key information about air pollution, and what you can do to avoid it. 


No idling kit


Use the Clean Air Day no-idling pack to educate yourself and others about the dangers of idling car engines. 




Jazz up your Clean Air Day event with some bunting 




Print our stickers design on standard name labels.


Clean Air Day posters


Our Clean Air Day posters can be used for community, workplace, school or healthcare events or notice boards to share information about air pollution.


Clean Air Schools Framework


Build your own bespoke clean air plan from our database of clean air actions. 


Clean Air Schools Vision


Learn what a Clean Air School could look like and what actions are needed to get there. 


How to trial a school street


Want to trial a school street in your area? Here's how!


How to organise a walking bus


Our top tips for organising a Clean Air Day walking bus to school.


Campaign Action Plan


Draw up your campaign action plan with this handy resource. 




Why not try our Clean Air Day Wordsearch as a classroom activity.




Interactive videos for students to learn about air pollution, where it comes from and what actions you can take.


CAD event banner


Use and edit this InDesign file to bring out a banner for your event.


Raising awareness on active travel


Use this "Transform Our World" resource to teach your students about active travel and how they can encourage others to participate. Includes: lesson and survey worksheet.


Low pollution maps


Use this resource with your students to teach them about low pollution routes to school and create their own low pollution map to support healthier journeys to and from school.


Plan a Walk to School Week


Use this resource to teach students about Walk to School Week and how can they raise awareness about it through designing posters.