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Clean Air Day is happening on Thursday 16 June 2022. We're bringing together years of experience and expert advice to create lots of free resources to give your plans for Clean Air Day an extra boost.


Clean Air Day Scotland is brought to you by Environmental Protection Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Government and working in partnership with Global Action Plan. 


The Scottish Government's air quality strategy, 'Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 (CAFS 2) - Towards a Better Place for Everyone', was launched in July 2021. It builds on the original Cleaner Air for Scotland strategy published in 2015 and recognises that the air we breathe is fundamental to the health of our people and planet. By collaborating with a range of partners, CAFS 2 aims to make Scotland's air quality the best in Europe.


cleaner air for Scotland 2 - towards a better place for everyone

Organisations supporting the aims of Clean Air Day Scotland

Air Quality in Scotland
Learn About Air
Low Emission Zones Scotland
Cycling Scotland
Home Energy Scotland
Asthma and Lung UK
Switch off and breathe
Ecostars UK
Ecostars UK
Electric Vehicle Association Scotland


Business resources for Scotland

Business resources 


Use our collection of resources to engage your colleagues, leadership team and suppliers to get involved in Clean Air Day Scotland.


Communities and individuals resources for Scotland

Communities and individuals resources


Use our collection of resources for individuals and community members to help spread the word and get involved in Clean Air Day Scotland this year. 


Healthcare resources for Scotland

Healthcare resources


Healthcare professionals can use our collection of resources to inspire their colleagues, patients and visitors to get involved in Clean Air Day Scotland. 


School resources for Scotland

Schools resources


Use our collection of school resources to inspire your school, students and parents to participate in Clean Air Day Scotland