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Clean Air Day Scotland resources for communities and individuals

Download the Clean Air Day Scotland 2022 social media pack

We've made it super easy for you to shout about Clean Air Day Scotland on your social media channels using our suggested text and graphics. 


Download the CAD Scotland 2022 social media pack


Tha sinn air a dhèanamh cho furasta is a ghabhas dhuibh a bhith ag èigheachd mu Latha a' Ghlan-èadhair air na seanailean meadhanan sòisealta agaibh le bhith a’ cleachdadh an teacsa is nan dealbhan a tha sinn a' moladh. 


Luchdaich sìos

Walking for clean air toolkit


Use this resource to be inspired to walk short journies on Clean Air Day and in the future. Includes: walking tips and benefits leaflet, walking playlist leaflet, letter to your MP/councillor template


Letter to councillor (general air pollution)


Template for letting your local representatives know your concerns about air quality.


Pledge cards


What will you pledge to do on Clean Air Day? Write it down and share it at your event or on social media.


Air pollution leaflet / Leabhran Latha a' Ghlan-èadhair  


The Clean Air Day leaflet helps you to share key information about air pollution, and what you can do to avoid it. / Cuidichidh leabhran Latha a' Ghlan-èadhair gus fiosrachadh cudromach mu thruailleachd èadhair a sgaoileadh, agus gus innse dè 's urrainnear a dhèanamh gus a sheachnadh.



Letter to councillor/MP (walking specific)


Template for letting your local representatives know what you would like changed to make walking easier in your community.


Clean Air Day email footer


Let your network know that you're taking part in Clean Air Day. 


Video conferencing background


Holding a digital Clean Air Day event? Use our video conferencing background to brand it Clean Air Day. 


No idling kit


Use the Clean Air Day no-idling pack to educate yourself and others about the dangers of idling car engines. 




Jazz up your Clean Air Day event with some bunting 


Newsletter / Cuairt-litir


Share details about Clean Air Day with your networks (schools, businesses, healthcare audiences, and more) and get people involved!


Clean Air Day posters / Postairean Latha a' Ghlan-èadhair


Our Clean Air Day posters can be used for community, workplace, school or healthcare events or notice boards to share information about air pollution. / Gabhaidh na postairean Latha a' Ghlanèadhair againn a chleachdadh aig tachartasan is air bùird-fiosrachaidh choimhearsnachd, àite-obrach, sgoile no cùraim slàinte gus fiosrachadh mu thruailleachd èadhair a sgaoileadh 


How to organise a walking bus


Our top tips for organising a Clean Air Day walking bus to school.


Campaign Action Plan


Draw up your campaign action plan with this handy resource. 


EV myths busted


Thinking about buying a new car? Why not get an electric vehicle (EV)? Here are some tips to help you navigate this new technology.


How to run an event


A handy guide to hosting an event to help you raise awareness about air pollution.


Non-essential deliveries


Use this resource for tips on how to reduce air pollution by avoiding non-essential deliveries