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Air pollution is well recognised as an urgent public health emergency: it causes up to 36,000 deaths, over 20,000 respiratory and cardiovascular hospital admissions and 6 million sick days every year in the UK, at an estimated total social cost of £22.6 billion per annum.  It is a health issue that the health sector needs to address, with an initial focus on the most vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, children and those with heart and lung conditions who are at a disproportionately high risk from air pollution.


As some of the most trusted messengers in society, health professionals can play a crucial role in protecting people’s health – especially that of some of the most vulnerable people who come through the door of the health service every day.

Training videos


Presentations for health professionals from Prof Stephen Holgate and Prof Jonathan Griggs on the impact of air pollution on health




Air pollution training session



How health professionals can speak to their patients about air pollution



Health care professionals and patients talking about the impacts of air pollution on patient health