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Schools Action for Clean Air

Children are particularly at risk from air pollution, as their immune systems, lungs and brains are still developing. Air pollution can affect children’s physical health, their ability to learn, and even lead to death. Yet millions of children are still exposed to dangerously high levels of air pollution, as over a quarter of UK schools are in areas above WHO air pollution limits.


We need to safeguard children from air pollution now, to help them achieve their best life chances, and to ensure this generation, and the environment they live in, is healthy.

Clean Air for Schools Resources

Clean Air for Schools Resources


A range of curriculum-linked educational resources and practical tools, to create cleaner air at your school. 


Clean Air for Schools Vision

Clean Air for Schools Vision


The Clean Air for Schools Vision outlines what would need to happen both outside the school and inside the school to reduce air pollution for pupils and staff. 


Clean Air for Schools Framework

Clean Air for Schools Framework


The Clean Air for Schools Framework is a free, online tool to help every school create a tailored clean air action plan to tackle air pollution in and around the school.


Clean Air Calculator

Air Pollution Calculator


Ask your students to answer a series of questions with their parents or guardians, to find out their home’s air pollution footprint and how they can take action to reduce it. 


London schools pollution helpdesk

London Schools Pollution Helpdesk


A free-to-use service tackling air pollution for all London schools funded by the Mayor of London. Providing, bespoke advice on improving air quality, creating a clean air plan, resources to help support teaching air quality in the curriculum, direction towards funding streams and help writing your applications.


London Schools and Nurseries Air Quality Forum

London Schools and Nurseries Air Quality Forum


A supportive community of schools, nurseries and local authorities who meet termly to take action on air pollution, and support each other in doing so.


Air pollution and health page on Clean Air Hub

Air pollution and health


Find out more about how air pollution can affect children and adults throughout their lives. 


Clean Air Day Schools Resources

Clean Air Day school resources


Looking for Clean Air Day school resources? Use our collection of school resources to inspire your school to create cleaner air.