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20 June 2024

Clean up our air to look after your mind this Clean Air Day

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Clean Air Day, The UK's largest air pollution campaign

Every year, air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK.  The World Health Organisation and the UK Government recognise that air pollution is the largest environmental health risk we face today.

Get involved

Clean Air Day is a campaign delivered across the UK - we are delighted to have a range of resources for all Clean Air Day supporters - from local authorities, schools, health professionals, campaign and community groups and individuals. Alongside the resources, you will find specific Clean Air Day packs for Welsh and Scottish supporters. The Clean Air Day Scotland campaign is delivered in partnership with Environmental Protection Scotland.

You can also write to your councillor and let them know how important clean air is to you and your community. Follow our step-by-step guide on the Clean Air Hub.

Write to your councillor

Resources for campaign and community groups
Health professionals resources
Resources for individuals
Resources for local authorities
Resources for schools
Resources for business

Here's why Clean Air Day matters

Illustrated teacher pointing at white board with earth and grey clouds on it

Focuses attention on air pollution.


By all acting together on the same day, Clean Air Day cuts through to new audiences.

Illustration people on bicycles

Helps to improve public understanding and increase levels of air pollution busting behaviours.


Most people (90%) now report doing at least one thing to help reduce outdoor air pollution.

Illustration of wall of Ivy representing a green screen at a school

Showcases that a cleaner air future is both possible and desirable.


As well as more EV charging points and e-bikes on the roads, we are also seeing other innovative new ways of doing things, such as the NHS riverboat delivery service

Illustration of two young people holding placards saying

Demonstrates large-scale support for clean air, giving decision-makers a mandate to implement the system changes required.


82% of people think that air pollution should be a priority for the UK an increase of 11% over the last three years.