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Great Ormond Street Hospital's clean air journey

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Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has pioneered ground-breaking research and innovations, which have translated into world-class paediatric care for patients with the most complex illnesses. The hospital is now keen to play a role in creating and sharing sustainable solutions to help tackle air pollution, as an issue that impacts everyone from patients and families to staff and members of the local community.

Working together with Global Action Plan, GOSH is launching a Clean Air Hospital Framework which sets out how to become a clean air hospital and provides a clear and structured pathway to getting there. Hospitals can use the framework to lead by example as role models, educators and champions.


GOSH knows that to be a clean air hospital, it needs to include all its departments, from the procurement and transport teams to clinical and development teams. While there is still a lot to do, clean air thinking is being embedded across the hospital.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Garden
GOSH member of staff holding up Clean Air Day pledge card

Air quality is being built into GOSH's new building developments, both within the design and on the construction site. The new buildings are designed to emphasise green spaces, promote use of low polluting materials, and incorporate energy efficiency to reduce local combustion requirements. On the construction site "no idling" messaging is provided to all vehicles arriving at the site, dust levels are monitored, and deliveries are restricted as much as possible.


Around the hospital, there are signs discouraging idling that have been co-created with patients. Play specialists and play workers have been engaging with children on clean air, including designing their own clean air superheroes. And the Young People's Forum have been sharing why they think it is important for hospitals to take action on air quality.


GOSH is also a supporter of Clean Air Day, participating in events, engaging with staff and hosting engagement with businesses.


Going forward, GOSH is embedding clean air requirements within new contracts and tenders, bringing clean air messaging into the GOSH school, training staff, reviewing cleaning products and continuing to encourage other hospitals to take more action to make the air cleaner for everyone.